Last Updated - 17 November, 2004



Joanne's child, a four- year old suffering from Cerebral Palsy: Mother's comments:

"She has better nights sleep now and always sleeps all the way through the night after her treatment. She has a reduction in saliva. She always coughs up a lot of phlegm through the treatment which we would normally need to remove with a suction device. Her immune resistance has improved drastically, she has less colds. At the moment, I very rarely have to use the suction device at all after three months of treatment which Joanne has weekly.


Paula's comments: treatment of Ulcerative Colitis:

"My treatment program was three times per week for three weeks dropping to once per week for four weeks, to then a maintenance program of one treatment every four to five weeks. This keeps my symptoms at bay, I still take "Asacol" which helps my immune system as a preventative treatment. However, I was on steroid treatment but I came off of those half way through my course of treatment of M.L.D. The M.L.D. has worked so well that I cannot even remember the last time that I had a "bad bout""


Martin's comments: Treatment of a large secondary arm lymphoedema following Axillary dissection.

"I had an intensive course to start with, which was combined decongestive therapy (M.L.D. with compression bandaging) every day five days per week for three weeks. In that time my arm reduced in size dramatically and also became much softer. The before and after picture shows my arm after the third week of intensive therapy, but since then my arm has reduced further and I continue to have a treatment once every month which suits me. I now can wear long sleeved shirts which I could not before. Moreover, I can fit into a compression sleeve which I now wear every day. I used to get an infection called Cellulitus regularly which I have not had anymore. I feel more relaxed and it has made me more self confident."




Roy: Crushed foot injury due to compression from a vehicle

My foot was kept in an "iceboot" for two weeks. The doctors feared that I would loose my foot. The pictures show my foot in hospital and it was still infected. I had antibiotics for it, however, I could not receive any physiotherapy due to the infection. When I came home the foot would not seem to heal, as I suffer also from bad circulation, I could not put it on the floor and continued to rely on crutches. I contacted Nicole and she treated my lower leg and foot for the next fourteen days. It was miraculous as you can see from the "after" picture, the infection I had cleared, the open wound healed over and I had more feeling in the foot. It was also good at relieving the pain. I am so glad I had this therapy as I feel it saved my foot from being amputated.


Marie: Cosmetic Eye Lid Surgery & Face Lift

My name is Marie I am 47 yrs of age, and I have just had surgery on my eyelids and a face lift. As part of my treatment I was strongly advised by my surgeon to have at least 6 MLD treatments. I booked my first MLD treatment 4 day's after my surgery. Whilst I still had stitches and staples in my hairline and behind my ears. After my first session with Nicole, I was amazed that my swollen eyes were brighter and less swollen, my bruising was minimal and I could open my eyes more. I cannot recommend MLD enough.

Bilateral Maxillary Osteotomy

I'm 21 years old, and I have had my top jaw moved forwards by 6mm to correct my bite.  I was in hospital for 2 days and came home looking like I'd taken on Mike Tyson!  I was horribly swollen and was having difficulty hearing due to congestion in my nose and ears.  Nicole treated me on days 5, 7 and 9 after the operation.  After the first treatment my hearing returned to normal, and after the three treatments the swelling had completely subsided and the pain in my jaw was much improved.  I feel sure the treatments speeded up my recovery period.