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Irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS)

Description A condition caused by abnormal muscular contractions in the colon, producing effects on the large and small intestines.
Symptoms Symptoms include pain in the abdomen, disturbed bowel movements with diarrhoea, then normal movements or constipation, heartburn and a bloated feeling due to wind.
Cause The specific cause is unknown and no disease is present hence treatment is limited to relief of stress (which may be a contributory factor).
Treatments Drug therapy is usually given in the form of anti spasmodic drugs. Diet is an important factor, along with stress relief.
MLD Works extremely well stimulating the Parasympathetic nervous system to bring a calming effect on the patient. Along with soothing movements on the colon and intestines, MLD relieves the trapped wind, therefore reducing the bloated feeling. Constipation is also helped by improving the tone. (See constipation)

Ulcerative Colitis

Description This is a recurrent inflammation of the colon.
Symptoms Abdominal pain, diarrhoea accompanied by bleeding and mucus which oozes from the ulcers. This can lead to dehydration and anaemia in severe cases. Patients complain that they are not able to continue a normal life due to continual pain and discomfort, not to mention the bowel "spasms" which can strike at any time.
Cause Auto-immune and psychological components contribute to this illness. Abnormal response to the immune system to certain organisms which reside in the lower bowel
Treatments Drug therapy is usually given in the form of antibiotic drugs. Diet is also considered with avoidance of milk and dairy products
MLD Helps to repair and heal the ulceration, has an excellent calming effect on the bowels and on the patient who may be suffering from stress.
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This is where a person may not have a bowel movement for long periods of time. Constipation is often "spastic" but sections of the colon next to the spastic section may also be fully distended

Symptoms It can cause headaches, swelling of the ankles and skin disorder
Cause is likely to occur particularly in those who are inactive or who consume a diet which contains little roughage or fibre. This is particularly prevalent in the elderly whose muscles are weak.
Treatments Drug therapy is usually given and increase in roughage and fibre in the diet is recommended.
MLD Stimulates peristalsis, therefore stretching the musculature in the wall of the intestine, which then causes a regulating effect on the tone.

Crohn's Disease


This is excess fluid in the bowels. 

MLD MLD helps to clear the bowels of the excess fluid therefore aiding the repair of the colon and alleviating the symptoms.