Last Updated - 17 November, 2004



Cereal palsy is an abnormality of the brain, which usually occurs before or during birth. It may arise due to a development defect in the fœtus due to genetic factors or possibly by a viral infection during pregnancy. Meningitis and Cerebral Thrombosis, a lack of oxygen during a difficult labour or other trauma at birth can result in the infant having cerebral palsy.

The condition is characterised by spastic paralysis of the limbs and involuntary movements; balance and posture are affected. Also there is often mental sub-normality, speech impairment, epilepsy and no reflex to cause swallowing.

MLD is useful to complement physical therapy as it helps to reduce Cerebral Oedema and the disturbances caused by oedema.

Initial treatments have to be given on a gradual basis. It is virtually impossible to give a full treatment to a baby or small child as it may be difficult to keep the child still. It is also important to highlight that the main aim for the therapist is to build trust with the child, which is so important when treating small children.
MLD also reduces the amount of "suction" which is required to assist in the clearance of phlegm as after treatment huge amounts of phlegm are cleared.