Last Updated - 17 November, 2004


Breast Oedema

This may develop following breast surgery and radiotherapy, it is usually post-surgical and should go on its own accord.  Swelling that continues long after surgery and feels firm to the touch may be Lymphoedema. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the main treatment for this condition which will help to reduce the swelling, inflammation and any pain in the area.

Please note patients may suffer swelling in other areas not just the breast or arm. This may be in the hand, on the trunk area, just the upper arm or even one finger all of which may be the start of Lymphoedema. All of which may be stopped or even reversed if treated immediately with M.L.D.

Please contact your breast surgeon, Oncologist or breast care nurse to exclude infection or other factors which may be causing the swelling.

Below are some before an after photos of someone who suffered from the above condition.

Before: This picture shows a patient with a reaction to radiotherapy treatment following breast surgery.

After: This picture shows the breast following M.L.D. therapy, which consisted of a total of 12 treatments over a three month period.